Dessert Range


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Our Gateaux come in 4 sizes,


6 inch which will provide 6-8 serves,


10 inch which will provide 12 - 15 serves.


25 - 30 portion option


50 - 60 portion option


Raspberry & White Chocolate Gateau


Velvet smooth white chocolate mousse with raspberries, set between layers of light vanilla sponge. Finished with fresh cream & chocolate shavings.






Double Chocolate & Baileys Gateau


A rich, creamy chocolate and Bailey's mousse set between layers of chocolate sponge. Finished with chocolate cream & chocolate scrolls & shavings.






Black Forest Gateau


Classic melt in your mouth layers of kirsch soaked chocolate sponge & black cherries. Finished with black forest icing & chocolate scrolls & shavings.






Children's Gateau


Layers of chocolate sponge, cream & berries finished with chocolate & lollies. These cakes can be decorated to cater to boys or girls if wanted.









Our Cakes Range below is avaliable in 4 sizes,


6 inch which will provide 6-8 serves,


10 inch which will provide 12 - 15 serves.


25 - 30 portion option


50 - 60 portion option


Carrot Cake


An old favourite! Finished with cream cheese icing & laced with or famous dried fruit & nut scroggin








Rich Chocolate Press Cake


Rich, moist & decadent as all chocolate cakes should be.-(Gluten Free)







Banana Cake


A kiddies favourite (big kids too!) smothered with chocolate icing (this can be made Dairy free)




Chocolate Layer Cake


A light chocolate butter creme sandwiched between layers of chocolate cake, finished with ganache.









A selection of yummy flavours and frostings with fun decoration. Ask for today's selection.




Avaliable in two sizes..


6 inch which will provide 6 - 8 Serves


10 inch which will provide 12 - 15 serves



Baked White Chocolate & Passionfruit


Decadent white chocolate with the zing of passionfruit.






Baked White Chocolate & Raspberry


Decadent swirled Raspberries & white chocolate






Baked Caramel Cheesecake


Finished with cream, hazelnuts & Russian fudge.





Baked Mixed Berry Cheesecake


Strawberry, blueberry, boysenberry & raspberry baked in a creamy cheesecake - topped with cream & delicious berry compot.


Baked Gooey Chocolate Cheesecake


Finished with cream and chocolate ganache.


Fresh Fruit Cheesecake


A creamy cheesecake topped with seasonal fruit.








Butterscotch Cheesecake


Topped with cream, rich chocolate ganache and praline





Avaliable in a 10 inch size which will provide 12 - 15 serves


Fruit Flan


Creme patissiere topped with seasonal fruit in a crisp pastry shell.




Lemon Tart


Zesty lemon filling baked in a crisp sweet pastry shell.





Lemon Meringue Pie


Velvet smooth zesty lemon filling topped with light fluffy meringue.





Banoffie Pie


Rich baked caramel filling, topped with bananas, whipped cream & chocolate scrolls.








Truffles/dozen (Gluten Free)


Lollies (additional on cakes)


Mousse Pot - white or milk chocolate mousse (Gluten Free)


Berry Compot - delicious with all of our cakes, over icecream (Gluten Free)


Mousse & Berry Compot Combo - white or milk chocolate mousse& berry compot (Gluten Free)


Chocolate cups/dozen (Gluten Free)


Russian Fudge (Gluten Free)


Writing on cakes


Slab Cakes



As shown in our menu some of our cakes are available in larger size options..


25 - 30 Portion


50 - 60 Portion


These are available in the below flavours..


Raspberry & White Chocolate Gateau


Double Chocolate & Baileys Gateau


Black Forest Gateau


Childrens Gateau


Carrot Cake


Rich Chocolate Press Cake


Banana Cake


Layer Cake


examples below..


Rasp & White Choc Gateau Chocolate Press Cake